Bucket Pulls from 8-9PM | List Goes Out at 7:30PM 📃✏️

At The Riot Comedy Club, we host one of the most exciting comedy open mic nights in Houston. You never know who might stop by; notable past drop-ins include Dave Chappelle and the late Norm MacDonald.

What you can expect, though, is experienced comedians working out their newest bits and new comedians finding their voice, including first-timers! The first half of the show will be exclusively randomly chosen names from a bucket while the second half will be booked comedians to perform.

As an audience member, you get to be a part of the process and experience the raw talent of up-and-coming comedians, while enjoying food and drink from Rudyard’s.

How to get on the mic:

The sign-up sheet will be available at 7:30PM, 30 minutes before showtime. The names will then be added to a bucket to be randomly chosen to perform on stage for the first hour of the show. There will be 12 drawn spots to get up and do a 3 minute set.